I am a freelance digital marketer. Client recently passed away, should I reach out to competitors to fill the opening I now have?

Hi all,

freelance digital marketer here in a situation I’ve never been in before. I primarily provide web design & SEO services to professional service businesses. I only take on one client per industry regionally.

The painting contractor I worked with for about 2.5 years was one of the first I acquired when I started up my freelqnfe business. Definitely not the highest paying client, but I kept him on board because he was great to work with.

Well, Friday I got a call from his busienss partner, whom I never talked to before. He told me that his partner died a few weeks ago and the company is likely going to close and he’s going a different direction.

It seems highly unlikely that I will be working with him again, so this now frees me up to find another painting contractor in the area to work with. There is one contractor I would specifically love to work with, I actually worked on their account several years ago at a marketing agency I worked at before going freelance. I’m on bad terms with that agency so I don’t care about burning any bridges with them. What I do know is they pay their agency about 3-4x what I was charging my painting contractor and I was getting better results for them.

My question: what would be the best approach to outreach a company you’d like to work with when you’re not longer working with a direct competitor of theirs? The painting company I worked with actually rained higher for this one I want to outreach. Is it worth mentioning that I’m seeking to partner with a new painting contractor due to a change of ownership? I’ve never been put in a situation quite like this and was wondering if anyone else has.

Thanks for your help!

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