I don’t even know what I need; the dilemma of the business owner

I patented and launched my product in 2020, and we’ve done well so far, but it could be better.

Things that can make my product sell better:

\-Expertise in Tiktok, Reels, Shorts, and standard video marketing and production. (I am no videographer, I don’t have professional video equipment)

\-A polished 5-star website that looks great on mobile too. Built with all the tools and things I need to track and convert a customer. I built my website on Wix, and while I’ve done about 7,000 sales since launch, it could be better. I know it could be better because I go out and look at other ecommerce websites and they are beautiful and polished, far better than I could ever make myself with Shopify or Wix.

The dilemma: I have no problem investing in the right person, but for every company and freelancer who is an expert in the above, there’s 10,000 people who decided one day they were going to google “how to make a website” and start their own website design company. In fact, I’m certain I’ll get at least 10-20 private messages in the next few hours from people chomping at the bit to get jobs, which in and of itself is a bit telling.

So, how do I find the **right** person/company, and know this before I spend several thousand dollars?

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