I don’t take phone calls as a policy.

This is going to sound really “out there” but I want other people’s input on this.

I don’t take phone calls. I don’t take phone calls. I don’t take phone calls.

**Has zero to do with social interaction or awkwardness. It has everything to do with maintaining notes and keeping the client honest.**

Here’s the problem with a phone call.

*I say some things.*

*The client says some things.*

We then part ways and each develop our own perceptions of what was said and what was agreed to.

We touch base again and suddenly we have a disagreement over details or what was said. I don’t mean contractual things but notes regarding designs and colors and styles and what not.

* Voice notes keep a record of everything which was said and allow me to go back and cite them. Both for myself and to call out a client on changing things when they established previous requests and specifics for a project.
* Emails and Texts work the same as the above. A written record is the best record.

You might say “Why not just take notes?”

Just because I write something down another person said doesn’t mean they’ll believe me when I point out this was what they asked for originally. Emails and texts and recordings keep everyone honest.

Hence why I don’t take phone calls.

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