I had a rough day today

Im in need some insight, let me explain.

So today I got yelled at by the company I’m employed at and it was borderline discriminative. They are not happy with the followers they have compared to their competitors. The video content shorts I create have seen some success for organic reach, reaching around 10k-350k shorts views. filming, editing, and daily ideas feels like a full time job in itself. But on top of that they have me taking photos, editing, basically creating everything from scratch. The followers aren’t coming fast enough, and they don’t want to pay any extra money on ads.

I am crazy think this whole thing is ridiculous? Anytime they bring up followers they talk about these over night success influencers and “why can’t we do that” I’ve tried to explain the difference and i watch a lot of Gary vee and other marketers YouTube channels. who I feel nail the its about the audience not about me, me, me mentality. They don’t run google ads or any ads for that matter but they want their multi million dollar company to have at least a 100k following on like every platform.

I am really, in need of some advice here.

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