I hate clients?

I don’t hate all of them. I like the writing ones. I do not like the ones that I took on for a service recently, that is a constant project each week, just to pay bills. Haven’t yet hit the place where I can pay bills regularly without having to offer services that I hate offering just to pay bills. Nobody is hiring near me, so I can’t do that (also disabled).

I have a few who keep checking the progress (there’s a spreadsheet) pretty much every day and checking in with me, and that’s the absolute quickest way to tick me off. 🫠

Anytime I’m online, at least one messages me and asks me why I haven’t updated it. For one, I’m in rural America and my stuff takes a little bit to sync to the cloud. Beyond that, it’s not something I can update everyday. I have certain disabilities that prevent this from being possible, and not once did I ever promise anywhere that there would be daily updates for the spreadsheet.

When they contact me, it’s typically passive aggressively, which also irks me.

I pretty much only have anxiety about this, I don’t have anxiety about anything else, so it takes me off even more.

I don’t get how to get away from taking on clients I hate just to keep my home (just barely, by the way, as they don’t even pay me that much for it). I’ve realized recently that I might be in the wrong field — freelancing is great! But I think I’m targeting the wrong people/selling the wrong services.

Does working with clients get easier? Do you eventually start to hate them less?

I find most of mine on social media, in Facebook groups, etc., where instant messaging is the default communication method. How do I get communication OFF social media and set up some kind of privacy boundary, so they don’t rely on that means of contacting anymore? I feel like it’s driving me crazy. If I’m online, there’s always at least one who will message me and ask me why I’ve been online, but haven’t updated X. If you have any scripts I could use for boundaries with clients, that would be sooo helpful.

I’m getting paid half of what other people charge for this particular service (literally everyone else charges twice as much). I thought it would be fine, because it’s what I needed at the time, but it feels like the worst decision I made. I basically get paid less than $20 a week per client for what takes me 12 hours each week (per client) to do. 💩

Ah, and I sometimes you discounts and tend to resent those clients? 🤦‍♀️

Of my 20 clients, I hate all but 2.

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