I just got paid $1,500 to do my work in a desk downstairs instead of up here

So this is a one-off thing, but it’s the easiest money I ever made.

I have my own office in this building, where I do real estate analytics and produce related content. A while ago, a lady who runs a business downstairs (something to do with shipping cost comparisons and co-loading, I don’t know) knocked on my door, and asked me if I would work downstairs for money.

I said I don’t know anything about shipping, and she clarified that, no, I wouldn’t be doing any work for her. She just wanted me to do *my* work downstairs for a week, and put some spreadsheets or something on two big screens.

So I went “Okay, why the hell not.”

Turns out she just wanted a whole bunch of people to be sitting there and doing things that looked complicated, because she had investors coming in; and she didn’t want an empty office.

$1,500, for just sitting one floor below for a week. There was even free coffee. I wish this kind of thing would happen way more often.

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