I just lost a client and I feel devastated

I was working on this project for a client that I’ve successfully completed a few smaller projects for previously. This time we went through a lot of revisions and the client wasn’t happy with the results. He stated over and over again that I didn’t read through his notes. But I have, I carefully checked the notes many times, and even came up with a system that could help us both get to the desired results he wanted. But he didn’t care about it and said he’s moving forward in another direction. He was furious and insisted that I didn’t read his notes. I showed him what was possible and what wasn’t based on his feedback. Throughout the process, I tried going the extra mile with this client by providing what I thought was the very best service possible. In the end though, it seems like none of that matters. Maybe I’m just not that good at freelancing…

Have you guys had a similar experience before? If so, what did you do to get back up on your feet? Or what actions did you do to try to resolve the issue? Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

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