I just realized I never sent my invoice for a job I did almost 3 years ago…

I feel like such an absolute idiot, I’m usually decent with words and knowing how to proceed but I’m totally stuck on this one, massive L on my part.

I did a freelance corporate video job covering a big Christmas event right before Covid started. I even paid for my flight to get there as I worked it into my fee. I finished the work and sent it off just a few days before quarantine hit, they loved it!
And then.. the world went to shit. Quarantine and life got crazy, lost some people, and before you know it here we are freaking 3 years later…this event felt like just last year, covid really warped my sense of time.

This forgotten project came up on my feed recently and then it totally occurred to me….I never sent them my w9 and invoice after things went down. Whoops…the invoice is worth a little over $2.5k which is a nice bit of coin for me right now , and it’s certainly not a place thats hurting for cash. But I have no idea on how to reach out or word my attempt at collecting that after so long.

If anybody has any tips or has ever had a similar brainfart moment please share so I feel less dumb

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