I just want to host websited. Why is every webhost so sketchy?

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Hi yall. I’m a CS student at days who also aspires to be site-builder/entrepreneur/whatever at nights.

As a resolution, I want to build many websites. Say, new one/two every month. Technical building is not a problem, so what’s been most stopping me from beginning already is webhosting. Which is why I decided to buy webhost for unlimited websites (100 is unlimited; so is 20), that will free my mind and let me ship.

I wondered around some webhost websites, but each seems sketchier than the other. That I’ve already previously heard abt them changing prices the same way flight companies do, and god their cheap advertising tricks (wow 75% discount just now and just for me?? seems reliable and trustworthy gotta buy bye!) — really don’t help… I also asked my best friend for help but he seems to be as clueless as I. (chatgpt).

I’ve seen your recommendations but they seem quite expensive tbh, and maybe a bit pros-oriented. Thus I’m reaching out for help. I’m not disqualifying any webhost (neither the sketchy ones nor your recommendations of course), but I want my choice to be one that I won’t regret. And I want to see beyond the noise, and would love your help in that.

So here goes:

**Have definitely read sidebar.**

**Monthly budget:** I’m a student. If possible, not above 50$ for a year. (a web host reddit won’t allow me to name offers my requirements for 35)

**Users location:** US.

**Kind of site:** should be able to use WordPress at the very least… preferably option for SSL.

**Estimated monthly traffic volume:** tricky one. I hope to explode fast (millions in days lol), but will start low obv. Which leads to the next bullet.

**Additional requirements:** I may be starting low, but am seriously aiming big. My nightmare regarding all this stuff is to actually explode and then lose my pants for a webhost for migrating or upgarding, only bc it can charge whatever it wants. Or worse, not to be able to migrate (or upgrade). I know these are concerns that I don’t have yet (“get a 1000 visitors first…”), but I want to make sure I can scale easily. It is a must for me, regardless of understandable mockery. Storage-wise, I guess my requirements are just abt normal among the unlimited-websites pakages, but I do need some 10GB for a Unity game I’ve developped, which is probably above normal… Oh yeah, and I need to be able to run Unity (multiplayer) 🙂 I’m quite sure it is possible anywhere so most of you can ignore this but if somebody here knows otherwise would love to know.

**Last thoughts:** shared host seems most suitable for me but lmk if otherwise (cloud?). I do think the choice is gonna be one of the sketchy ones due to budget, but am open and would anyway want the choice to be wise and not be scammed. Emphasis on scalability. That’s abt it. Thanks for reading this essay 😛

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