I Just Want to Stop

I’m tired…

I got a big five month long gig that finished in January. They were seemingly very happy. They were happy to be a reference for future clients, or so they said. Nothing since then.

I find out today that they merely stopped working with ME, and moved to another freelancer. I don’t know why. I want to confront them about this.

I put in extra hours almost daily. Put up with very meticulous notes because the client was a medical company and their videos had to be precise. Never complained. Always did as they asked.

Maybe they wanted someone less expensive. But this has happened to me before. If I’m doing something wrong, I’m never told what. The grind of finding new clients is rough enough, only to find out what could have been a repeat client went nowhere.

I’m just tired.

EDIT: I really appreciate the support, everyone. I don’t take their decision personally, and venting a little helped. freelance can be tiring and I’ve mulled going back to a full time job soon. But another day dawns tonorrow 🙂

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