I need to self-host Bookstack and Hedgedoc but I can’t manage the backend. Looking for a Singapore server.

I require a host that supports Laravel applications. More specifically a host that can run:

* Composer
* Node 16
* Yarn Classic 1.22
* Bash
* 2 GB RAM
* Git Version Control
* MySQL / MariaDB

See more in [HedgeDoc installation](https://docs.hedgedoc.org/setup/getting-started/) and [BookStack installation](https://www.bookstackapp.com/docs/admin/installation/)

The catch is I don’t understand what those above mean. I don’t know how to install them and can’t manage VPS myself; I’m just a UI/UX designer. My only experience is with shared hosting. I’m used to buying shared hosting and developing themes for WordPress.

I need the host to manage them and help me install.


**What is your monthly budget?**
$5-$8/month or $60-100/year

**Where are you/your users located?**
Southeast Asia, but looking for Singapore server

**What kind of site are you hosting (WordPress, phpBB, custom software, etc) or what is your use case?**
See above, HedgeDoc and Bookstack

**Do you have a monthly traffic volume? Estimates are ok.**
It’s just for a community of 20 persons. Maybe 50/month?

**If you’re looking at VPSes: Do you have experience administrating linux servers and infrastructure?**
No, see above.

**Did you read the sidebar/check out the hosts listed there? I’ve personally vetted these companies and their services are a good fit for 99% of people.**
Yes. Honestly not sure which to pick that fits my requirement. I also can’t find a SEA server.

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our recommended web hosting companies


website link: namecheap.pxf.io/Alaaeldin.medium


website link: https://hostinger.sjv.io/Jr95Qr

InMotion hosting

website link: partners.inmotionhosting.com/XxJ0Jg


website link: hubspot.sjv.io/DV2O35

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