I work 10-20hrs a week as a Freelancer, make way less money than my old 9-5, but much happier in general.

I don’t know if it’s my recent interest in minimalism or what, but I’m just over the hustle culture. Been hustling my whole career (since 2013) and have always had a scarcity mentality due to no support whatsoever if sh*t hits the fan. I have always worked a lot, side hustled while working FT, and even doing retail jobs on the weekends just for extra income. I knew I always wanted to freelance because of my health issues and wanted to work remotely.

When I got laid off, I definitely panicked but I was fortunate enough to have some side hustles so I wouldn’t be completely broke until my next job. Long story, short, I eventually got enough clients to make ends meet. I’m not entirely sure how steady any of these clients are so I’m still chasing my next gig.

It’s kind of chaotic, but somehow, I feel so much happier and less depressed. I make a lot less now, so I ended up moving to a lower CoL city and my rent isn’t as high as it was. I sort of forced myself to be a minimalist and downsized my lifestyle completely. I cut all my subscriptions except stuff needed for my work and sold all my designer clothes and bags, except maybe a couple of pieces. I was paid fairly well at my last job so I definitely succumbed to lifestyle creep over the years. I got rid of a ton of crap. I was a maximalist for sure. I was never good with money either. Freelancing has changed my life in so many ways.

I now work 10-20hrs a week working remotely and make about half of what I used to make. I lived in a nice area of Los Angeles before, with a lifestyle I couldn’t keep up with, got into debt, and worked at my office from 9-7 most days. That doesn’t include the commute. Where I live now is far less glamorous but my rent is $800 cheaper. I have the freedom and time to live my life.

Life is short. I no longer desire to sacrifice sleep and my health just so I can brag about how much I work or how much money I make. I like simple. I like “just enough” now.

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