I’m searching for a very cheap host for a small, static site. KnownHost is high on the list, but I want to know if I’m missing others to consider.

* **Ideal Pricing:** $5 USD/month or less
* **Space Needs:** 10Gb (extremely small)
* **Content:** Static HTML/CSS with 1 to 5 images per page that would be updated on an as-needed basis.
* **Expected Traffic:** 0 – 5 visitors per day
* **Domain:** Already have one

##What’s it for?

This site is mostly a personal project blog that would be updated once or twice monthly. CPanel or anything like that is not necessary, but fine if you offer it. I’d otherwise need root access or a user profile that allows for sftp or scp. I’m not interested in WordPress or Drupal, or any CMS, so if the absence of those services makes the price cheaper, terrific.

I am currently considering KnownHost, but doing a bit more research before committing. I have previously used NixiHost and was dissatisfied with how bloated everything felt. I’m looking for a host that is a bit more bare bones.

Suggestions welcome.

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our recommended web hosting companies


website link: namecheap.pxf.io/Alaaeldin.medium


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InMotion hosting

website link: partners.inmotionhosting.com/XxJ0Jg


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