Increase prices during the commission?

I have a client for whom I am supposed to edit a video, the whole thing already has significantly more revisions than I initially thought.

The version I delivered to them already met all the requirements they gave me in the briefing. They still want to have more changes.

I have now recently delivered a version that I thought was finally the final version but they still want changes. I am now considering raising my rates that I take per hour. Before I accepted the job we didn’t talk about prices, but from an old job he knew my hourly rate.

Is it okay if I tell him that instead of 30€ I will now take 45€ per hour for all further revisions?

That still seems too little to me, but so the whole thing would be just more profitable for me.

I have not had such a case yet and have not been working part-time as a freelancer for so long.

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