Inside the Structure of the 1 Campaign Ad Account

The one campaign ad account is built on the concept of the scientific method. We need a consistent and projectable control element to test against & our testing needs to be uniform and purposeful. All of this can be done in very little time per week and leans into how the platform is designed to function.

The most important part of the one campaign ad account is our control ad set. This single ad set that contains the post IDs of our top performing 4 to 6 ads these ads all need to be focused on the same business objective, i.e.: selling the same product or service.

The other side of this campaign setup is our testing environment. We will use Dynamic Creatives set up in the 3:2:2 architecture. This is three Creatives with two headlines and two sets of the primary text.

This entire campaign is CBO and targets broad only. Broad is a noun, not an adjective. We are targeting only age, gender and location. This allows our ads to be unobstructed with the audiences that they create for themselves.

This architecture allows for the meritocracy of delivery within Facebook to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence within the platform. Our success will be determined by our ability to weaponize the scientific method in order to amplify our business model.

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