Instagram Algorithm is Changing, TikTok’s Best Feature & Pinterest New Ad Format (Marketing is Changing)

#1. Instagram is back to prioritising Photos

After many rants against Instagram to stop pushing reels. The platform has stopped prioritising reels as majority of people are getting less reach through reels.

But the impact of This hasn’t been that much on images. Many users have been saying they are getting more photos reach than usual but majority is still suffering from organic reach from both reels & images.

**What Meta has to say:** Mark & Instagram CEO have said that use of AI has increased in recommending users more relevant content. And they have a better system now to determine what type of content deserves to be on explore page or recommendation section in Home page.

#2. TikTok’s Carousel format is organic but it’s bad

Last year, Business insider talked to Tiktok team and they found out that tiktok is trying to make an average user more engaging & trying to be like Instagram to make the platform easier to post content.

Which lead to Tiktok launching carousels to make it easier to post imagery content. And since the launch, this format is more organic than any other feature on platform.

But again the problem here is adult content, people are adding adult imagery content in between images to escape the content violation.

Overall it’s organic for businesses to use now but at the same time children are getting pitched adult content through it.

***Another Good news:*** Tiktok announced “Sound for Business” update to make it easier to use sounds without legal approvals. Bc

#3. Pinterest’s New Ad Format is game changing

Pinterest is very limited as your industry defines how well your Ads will perform. But to target a broad audience, they have introduced a premium Ad spot.

You can book a 24-hour spot on Pinterest search page where the platform will preview your Ad for a whole day. This format is a great opportunity for advertisers to generate brand awareness. But still the format if is expanded to more & more advertisers. It can change how Pinterest advertising works for a business.

#4. Newsletters are the future of LinkedIn & WhatsApp

LinkedIn is doing a great job with Newsletters & they have added features like one-click subscribe to make it easier for people to subscribe.

WhatsApp is also working on newsletters feature to help WhatsApp communities & Brands reach their audiences more frequently and get better conversions.

The reason newsletters are growing, the content deliverability is improved and brands can reach their followers without dependence on the algorithm.

Social media platforms working on adding newsletter & community features like IG broadcasts is better for organic growth.

But at the same time bad for advertising business, these same platforms want you to pay to reach your audience. But that’s also the reason we are seeing rise of paid subscriptions on social media platforms.

#5. Social Marketing is Changing to Community Building

As I mentioned above social media platforms are moving to paid subscriptions. And that’s a threat to advertisers because there are many challenges coming up like

* Data laws in EU
* CPM goes higher every year
* Paid subscription users
* Short-form content requiring more efforts

Last year not a single platform expect Tiktok showed growth in terms of Ad revenue.

That’s why platforms have been moving to paid subscriptions. And are brands successful with paid features?

* LinkedIn have 236 million paid users
* Snapchat crossed 2 million users in less than a year since the launch of their paid plan.
* Meta (IG & FB) is expected to have 100 million paid users by 2025.
* Twitter Blue was a failure before but the numbers are increasing.
* Reddit is steadily acquiring more users

Now, Meta has promised advertisers that the paid subscriptions won’t affect advertising business.

But thinking from Meta’s POV & other platforms, the revenue from subscriptions is easier to grab & lesser work.

Which leads us to what marketers are doing to survive the changes is community building.

It’s important to have control over your audience. And that’s why they are focusing on move audiences to private communities, newsletters & platforms like Discord & Slack. To make sure they listen to their audience better & more consistently.

And it doesn’t matter Meta, Tiktok or Snapchat get rid of advertisers or ignore them. Community building is one of the important part of social marketing.

#6. Wrapping up with Three other marketing trends regarding Social Media

Meme Marketing is becoming a bigger part of social media strategies as for short form content. Brands have started valuing engagement over conversions.

Social media managers are taking over influencer roles for brands as the budgets for influencer marketing are shrinking due to recession & inflation.

People are calling out human written content as AI wrote it & doubting every single piece of content they see.

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