Instagram Clicks don’t match Google Analytic Referral Data

I’m the website manager and we have a separate social media manager

Trying to match up Google Analytics and the social media analytic reports of the latest campaign

Instagram is saying a post has had 1000+ click’s

The CTA was to go to a landing page on the website I manage. I was asked to check Google Analytics to see further information, bounce rates etc. However it only says that traffic via Instagram is below 20. The entire traffic to this landing page is below 200

Obviously, we’ve got these 2 stats that conflict and we’re trying to investigate further, is it because hte landing page isn’t engaging enough or taking ages to load (although data on loading time and performance is good) and so people are bouncing before the page loads and before they’re recorded on Google Analytics?

How do you guys marry up stats that conflict like this?

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