Is it possible to accidentally squat a domain?

There’s a domain name I’ve had my eye on for a while for personal reasons, not listed here for privacy reasons, and the whois lookup gives me the name of a guy. After a little trial and error i manage to find the contact page for that registar and send a message to the owner… Who vehemently denies that he owns the domain or has any access to the account on the website that the domain is registered on, despite the domain autorenewing and presumably scooping a nice dollop of cash from his credit card. Assuming he’s telling the truth, is there any possibility of the domain becoming available again, short of him cancelling the card or not paying it? I offered to pay the guy cash for the domain, but even with that I don’t believe he’s made any effort to investigate why his name continues to be on a website he claims he doesn’t own or pay for.

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