Is it possible to learn and get a job in Digital Marketing with just free/inexpensive online courses?

I received my BA and MA in Asian Studies and Japanese and then went to teach English in Japan for four years as a way to experience Japan at a deeper level and improve my Japanese skills. I had hoped to then get into international business dealing with Japan or to work for a Japanese company in the US. Now that I’m back in the US and job hunting, I’m realizing that my Asian Studies and Japanese background alone isn’t enough to get into a good career path, or find any decent job for that matter. It’s a good supplementary area of knowledge, but I need more primary skills. After some consideration, I think I would like to get into digital marketing. I looked at some university bootcamps, but they’re way too expensive. Is it possible to learn digital marketing and get an entry level job with just free or inexpensive online courses and not a degree? I saw some positive reviews of the Google Digital Marketing Certification course and courses on Utemy. Would these be good places to start?

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