Is the cPanel WHM server now full secure?

Hi, so far, I have done:

1. Installed CSF

2. Installed modsecurity

3. Set up security questions and two factor authentication

4. Enabled cphulk protection (Do I block every countries in the CPHULK countries management?)

5. Enabled shell fork protection

5. Changed default SSH port

6. Added new user and gave sudo access

7. Disabled root login

8. Added Google MFA to server

My CSF server score is 94 out of 100.

CSF screenshot: \[Imgur\](


are plugins ConfigServer eXploit scanner, Outgoing Spam monitor and imunify360 required to buy?

All the 3 costs costs $145 which is too much for me at the moment. ClamAV shows it requires minimum of 3GB RAM but my work is done in a 2GB VPS.

I am not that techie tech guy so want to have full protection before anything goes wrong. Just want to host websites but want to have the max protection as much as I can.

Any free way to get the features of csf exploit scanner, outgoing spam monitor and imunify360 features? or any other web hosting panel that offers such features for free?

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