Is there a checkdown list for installs manual?

Manual WordPress install from flywheel local to A2 hosting

I have followed all the steps and my site is not live. Wondering if there is a list of fixes I can look at, I already looked at tutorial and backwalked the steps. I get taken to the bluehost screen when trying to access my domain. but no errors. This is my first time doing this manually, I just wanted to know how.

So far I learned how to FTP to a path, upload a db and make changes on csv editor, way around cpanel but I would like to complete this task.

1, Database is added as a csv and I created a username. I changed the name path and domain column.

2. Changed wp-config.php File and added this above “happy”

define( ‘WP\_HOME’, ‘’ );
define( ‘WP\_SITEURL’, ‘’ );

3. All of my files from WP-content, include and admin are in public\_html

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