issues with pointing my domain to apache server

I am running an ubuntu server vm in proxmox that is used as a webserver. I have port forwarded so that the site can be accessed on the internet, and i have pointed my domain to my IP address via my registrars dns dashboard.

My issue is that, when trying to load the site using my domain, i get a 403 forbidden error, it tries to route back to the old ip address (from my previous hosting provider) and it says my SSL certificate is still coming from ZeroSSL, and invalid. (this was changed to cloudflare ssl). I am able to access the site by using the IP address

but this only happens within my home network.

I am able to use my domain, and load the site when using mobile data, and others not within my home are able to as well. it directs to the correct ip, with the correct ssl info and the site loads without issue.

Are there any suggestions on what could be the issue here? I have tried resetting the cache, using a different browser, flushing dns (ipconfig /flushdns) and changing my dns settings via windows.

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