Just signed up with Ionos but want to leave already!

I’m a WordPress beginner who just wants to put up a simple portfolio site for my art and writing. I registered a domain with Ionos, after being misled by a handful of review sites which were probably fake. Ionos is terrible! They have like zero customer service, including a phone number that’s dead, and a callback line that my phone identifies as “suspected scam”, with a tech support guy whose headset is broken or something, I cannot even heat what is being said because signal keeps cutting out. I just started this two days ago and before I put any work into this I want to get out of this ripoff place.

I am in San Francisco, my budget is 10 dollars a month or under, there’s no other users for the site besides myself.

My question is twofold:

1. Where to go for basic WordPress hosting, with good support being very important to me (since I haven’t made a website in 15 years and SO much has changed since I last did!)

2. I registered my domain with Ionos, but will I be able to move it somewhere else? What will I need to do for that to happen?

I apologize for the noob question, but I feel like I’m getting a really bad start with this. I doubt I’ll actually get a refund from Ionos, but I don’t want to pay them any more money.

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