JWT not working in Nodejs A2hosting

I have a Nodejs application hosted on A2hosting. When I try to use my login route I get


`”status”: “error”,`

`”message”: “Incomplete response received from application”`


After some digging, I noticed that it is being caused by jwt, specifically when I try to sign a token:

const createTokens = (user) => {

`const accessToken = sign(`

`{ email:` [`user.email`](https://user.email)`, id:` [`user.id`](https://user.id)`, type:user.type, TenantId: user.TenantId },`



`return accessToken;`


If I set the accessToken to any string, it works normally. But if I try to use the sign, I get the error. JWT is installed and is in my package.json file. This also works perfectly on localhost

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