Launching website in new territory- TLD advice

Hello r/DigitalMarketing

So I am the Marketing Manager at my company, it is an SME so I am largely in charge of all things Marketing. This includes a great deal of web development which I am very competent in but certainly not a specialist.

We are an established company in the UK and the top distributer globally for one of our suppliers. We have therefore been granted access to distribute the product in Canada and potentially the US going forward.

So initially our first port of call is to create a Canadian website. Our current website has a TLD.

I have a couple of questions I hoped some members of this community could help with, which are:

Would a .com or .ca TLD be better? (or even both with one forwarding)

Will we have any SEO issues as a result of having various websites with different TLD’s and similar content?

If customers from the UK land on the Canadian website can I redirect them to our website where all of our products and services are available?

Any help whatsoever is greatly appreciated!

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