Leaving full-time position with media company to do contract work for them instead?

I recently resigned from a full-time media staff position that I realized wasn’t working for me. I was constantly stressed and eventually burned out and had a meltdown.

Prior to the position, I’ve been a successful and highly recommended freelance writer/journalist — I actually began to miss what I built for myself when I joined the full-time staff as well as my flexibility/freedom but wanted to try it out as it seemed up my ally.

I personally liked the company and its mission and got along well enough with staff. I was asked in my closeout interview by HR and my supervisor if I would be interested in contract work for them in 6-month intervals — setting my schedule, rates, etc. as they enjoyed the work, I did for them.

To be honest, it sounds ideal. I’m also wondering if I should double my rates. I was making roughly a little over $4k per month, the company itself is not lacking in funds whatsoever, so I’m thinking of going with $8k and also working with 2 additional media outlets as well.

Now that I’m shaking off the rust from my prior work as a freelancer, I’m wondering if there’s any loopholes I should look out for or if anyone has any thoughts?

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