Looking for a new hosting plan for a high traffic WordPress site

Hi. I am currently residing on SiteGround on 8 cores/8 gb RAM plan. It works OK, but not great, and I mostly feel I am paying too much (160$ per month). Looking to move away to a new host. Talked to a few services, but still haven’t find the perfect hosting plan. I have 4 sites, with 40GB (and growing) of data altogether (and gradually growing), but one site takes almost all the traffic (and it is the most important one). My requirements:


1. Should be simple to manage. I am skilled with Linux, but don’t want to dig into the filesystem just to manage my WordPress installation.
2. Good service, especially when I have issues such as sudden burst of load without unusual traffic, which Siteground were never able to explain
3. Good speed, caching and CDN support
4. Should cost less then SiteGround (I am willing to pay for VPS, but siteground prices became too high)
5. Ability to dynamically add/remove resources from my site – I have specific high-load days I can expect (such as specific holidays) and would like to be able to add resources for those days without paying for entire month, and if possible, upgrade and downgrade independently.
6. Should have cpanel, so I can move away easily if it doesn’t fits my needs.
7. If possible, I would be happy if the site I am moving to will handle the move (free or for a reasonable cost), at least of the most critical site – downloading and re-uploading all the data can be a pain. Since Siteground don’t have cpanel, this tends to be a pain point.

Any suggestions?

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