Looking for a really specific CRM

Please read the entire post before recommending something as I’m inexperienced with CRMs and might be disorderly rambling important details.

I need to be able to add a list of customers in the form of organizations and contacts within these organization, for example: McDonald’s=info@mcdonalds.com, but be able to get the CRM I have Ronald as a contract there ronald@mcdonalds.com

I’d like to be able to add documents to the organization like offers I sent, contacts signed, invoices sent, etc.

I’d like to be able to enter communications resumes so when we talk I can keep a small note of it happening and what was said and when

Finally I’d like to be able to also have organizations that I cold call to and be able to input when I last contacted them and if they respond add a communications resume as previously mentioned.

If possible I’d like to be able to sync my Google calendar so it can create reminders when I should contact cold calls again to try again if they didn’t respond the first time.

The thing to note here is that I want to be able to input this stuff myself manually as I made the mistake of making my business email also my personal email and changing it now isn’t the right time.

Sorry for being so difficult!
Any suggestions?

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