Looking for alternatives to (mt) media temple self-managed VPS (w/ Plesk)

Between the recent price hikes, the announcement that GoDaddy is finally choking the last bit of life out of what was left of (mt), and other developments for the worse, I am hoping to get out in front of issues before they make their way to my services. I would prefer to migrate out of choice and not emergency, so any recommendations would be very welcome. It is disappointing as I have been with mt for 15+ years and, for the most part, have had excellent service (mostly it has been the stay out of my way and if there’s an issue, it’s because I caused it and not some network/devops failure).

Currently have a self-managed VPS HIGH RAM 4vCPU instance (spiritual successor to the dv line of offerings from back in the day) – 4x CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 200 GB storage, 4x static IPv4 addresses, running CentOS 7 w/ Plesk Obsidian 18 Web Host Edition and a few modules. Host multiple clients, 20+ domains, and one of the sites is fairly high-traffic news organization with occasional spikes when a new story is published that gets traction.

Looking for comparable. 4x static IPv4 addresses is a must have, along with Plesk either Web Pro or Web Host editions. Most sites are running on LEMP stacks. Prefer East Coast data center location (Ashburn, VA is ideal), but flexible on that. I have seen more discussion about people looking for grid alternatives, but not so much on the VPS side of things.

Thanks in advance for suggestions/advice!

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