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I run fb/insta ads part time for some small businesses. There are usually two different goals we go after, ads to sell products and ads to grow their following. This post aimed at the ads to grow their follow.

I usually look at the engagement stats of content they’ve previously posted and start running small test ads to few different audiences. Usually $3-5 a day per post to 2-3 different audiences. I’ll test the top 10 highest engaging and see what results I get. If their monthly budget does allow to do these all at once, which it normally doesn’t, I’ll space the tests out over time. Whatever gets the lowest cost per click is the one I keep going. That or I’ll keep the lowest two or three going.


If I do the “boost post” within Instagram, its easy to send people to their profile although I can’t do the same “call to action” through ads manager. I can put the link to the profile there but the call to action button options don’t allow “visit profile”. Also, and maybe related, if I boost a post through Instagram to a specific audience and run an ad for the same post through ads manager to the same audience I’ll get significantly worse results. Like sometimes $0.10 CPC through insta and $0.60 through ads manager. I’ve tried all sorts of manual placements to just insta feed and/or reels and/or stories and its always significantly worse through ads manager. Does anyone have any insight into something I might be doing wrong here?


The standards I normally go by are: if the CPC is under $0.10 its good, $0.11-0.20 is okay, and $0.20+ bad and I don’t continue them. The goal of these is to send people to the clients profile and depending on the look of their feed and the rest of their content, the good ones see 25%+ end up following. The ones with a less attractive looking feed tend to have 10-20% follow them. The best I’ve had is $0.05 per click and 23% follows. That means for every $100 spent, they gained 460 followers. Is this on par or way below what you guys typically see?


I’m open to any suggestions and guidance you have.

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