Looking for portfolio/general branding advice? In kind of a complicated situation where freelance gigs came to me first and I basically got really lucky with clients for like a 1 year+ despite having no idea what I was doing

So now that I actually want to pursue this long term and ideally get to a point where I can use it as a bigger source of income, I have to kind of play catch up with some things

On a positive note, I had extra time to research and start putting stuff together before I had to start worrying about finding new gigs/clients, and I have some pretty substantial materials for a portfolio now.

Also I am fortunate that I didn’t have to worry as much about getting scammed or taken advantage of while I was still figuring things out since I was working with clients in a relatively small network and they were all trustworthy

But there are a few things I can’t figure out now with building a portfolio/marketing:

1) I don’t have online publications to show for a lot of the work I did because a substantial amount was more research and administrative tasks, project management, etc

2) Even the writing I did was either copywriting for the website that doesn’t directly credit me, things like e-mails and newsletters, or social media posts for accounts I no longer run which don’t publicly credit me

3) There was actually a lot of editing, formatting, and rearranging work into different formats and making a LOT of adjustments to ensure compliance with branding and project guidelines, but all of that material is explicitly confidential and I can’t say too much about the content itself

I know I’ll have to write some case studies and maybe can include visual examples of some projects that look similar to my final product but doesn’t incorporate any confidential information

It also never occurred to me to get testimonials or reviews, and it’s been a while since I finished the projects, but I still have most contact information and ended on good terms so I guess I could just ask directly???

Is there anything I’m missing that would do a good job or showing my work? I’m sure I could also write up some blog posts related to some experiences with freelancing or topics that are related but not identifiable as any specific piece of content I did for the real client.

Also, in general, how much should I narrow down the scope of my work so that it doesn’t look disorganized and unprofessional?

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