Looking for small businesses/social media departments/freelancers willing to help out a group of advertising majors!

I’m a senior studying advertising at a university in Florida. My team is tasked with developing a social media plan for a client of our choice; this is a semester-long project. I would love to pick a client who we could work with hands-on. I’ve found some small, local businesses that show significant potential. I’m considering calling these businesses, proposing we “intern” for them, and managing the brand’s social media channels for the spring semester.

However, I’d also love the opportunity to learn from a larger company’s social media department. Instead of acting as their social media manager, we’d learn from that company’s team and develop our own hypothetical plan from the knowledge we learned. While this is not as ‘hands-on’ as my former proposal, we’d be learning from professionals and networking within the industry―win-win!

So, I turn to Reddit: **are there any small businesses, social media departments, freelancers, or even agencies interested in working with a team of 6 advertising majors this spring semester (completely unpaid)?** This could be as little as one interview answering our questions or as much as us managing your digital presence this spring semester. I’m open to ideas!

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