Looking for US-based (Preferably Texas or around that area) unmanaged dedicated server hosting with cPanel, for a reasonable price

I want to move some more resource intensive sites off my current SoYouStart Proxmox Virtualmin dedicated server to something in the US, the closer to Texas the better – for ideally less than $120/month with cPanel for <20 accounts.

I probably only need:

* Reasonably fast CPU, probably at least 3ghz quad core
* 16gb ram
* 1tB storage – HDD is fine, SSD would be better
* cPanel for <20 accounts
* Backups would be a nice bonus

What are my options in terms of companies in the US?

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our recommended web hosting companies


website link: namecheap.pxf.io/Alaaeldin.medium


website link: https://hostinger.sjv.io/Jr95Qr

InMotion hosting

website link: partners.inmotionhosting.com/XxJ0Jg


website link: hubspot.sjv.io/DV2O35

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