Looking to make a career change to Digital Marketing from IT, here is my game plan:

Hey all, currently work in IT and I haven’t been feeling satisfied or any gratification from my work or trajectory in this field lately. I am a highly presentational person, and I love working with metrics and trends while implementing captivating CTA’s, visuals and best design practices.

My game plan as it stands is to complete all the Google Analytics, Meta / FB, HubSpot and Hootsuite certificates and actually grasp the content of course — but the next part gets trickier. I want to grow a brand and as it stands now I want to make an NFL coverage brand. I already have the domain name, name on Instagram / Twitter / FB as well as a WordPress blog I am going to tinker with and really exercise my SEO chops.

With this plan in mind, I am curious what all I can display from this pursuit to translate into an entry level Digital Marketing position. My goal is to get 5,000 organic followers in the next 3-6 months, on top of having an excel sheet and writing some Python scripts to provide more potential insights, as well as just making a tool to populate my excel sheet. This also leads me into my next question of whether I can leverage my development and design skills into a role down the road (assuming I have the metrics and brand growth to display first of course) for my first Digital Marketing position.

I have experience building custom emails with MJML and CSS, and while it is torturous to have to develop emails using 90’s layout and styling techniques, I do feel like this is marketable — but with that said I am not entirely sure so I would love to hear more about this. I want to leverage my design skills in Figma, Illustrator and Canva coupled with my front end development skills (HTML, MJML, SCSS, JS, NodeJS) so that not only am I formulating based off metrics and market trends what needs to be done, but also be able to understand the work that comes after these decisions are made.

tl;dr I have front end development skills and design skills and want to create a brand across social media and a WordPress blog along with completing Analytics certs and I’m curious if this is a good mix of skills and if I need to add anything to this game plan.

Any and all input and advice is appreciated, thanks!

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