Looking to switch hosting from GoDaddy

I’ve been a client of godaddy for about over a decade. They upsold me on SSL certificates for each of my 5 wordpress websites at the rate of $80 per site, only to discover they offer this for FREE for NEW CLIENTS!! This is how they repay loyalty from a 10+ year client?! Needless to say I’m switching hosting providers, not to mention they shit and greedy and have started charging for everything, plus my sites are all super SLOW.

I have tried doing research, but feeling overwhelmed as to what route to take on this, and have entered into ADD paralysis from over-researching. I would appreciate some help.

For some additional context, I am a graphic designer that also offers wordpress website design, though this is a small part of my business and I’m looking to step away from it eventually. I currently host 5 websites on my hosting account at godaddy, and I’m looking for something that won’t break the bank, is fast, has good support (because god knows I need it often), and will transfer the sites away from godaddy for me.

Location: Canada | Budget: $150 per month | Traffic: Low traffic sites, no ecommerce

Thank you in advance.

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