Mail host for private domain that will accept incoming mail from my spam filter / gateway?

I’m on the hunt for a mail host provider so that I can get off of Host Gator, who I’ve been with for DNS/mail for about 15 years now.

I only have about half a dozen email accounts for my domain but I make very heavy use of forwarders to protect my internal email address. Currently Host Gator allows me to set up forwarders, but they are “leaky” so when I reply to a message that came in to a forwarded address my real email address is being exposed.

I’ve also recently set up a mail filter/gateway server (FortiMail) that receives my inbound mail (MX record points to it) and then it transmits the mail over SMTP 25 to the mail host. This is called “gateway mode” and would work great except that Host Gator doesn’t seem to be supporting receiving all messages from it very well. The reason I have the gateway is to try it out for my personal domain before I begin using it for a business domain. It (FortiMail) provides extremely heavy duty spam/virus/malware/phishing protection and gets regular updates.

I found a really helpful spreadsheet that u/ashleyross built and it seems that MXRoute and Migadu might fit the bill for my needs but it’s not clear if they will handle receiving mail I send into them directly via SMTP.


Any input would be very much appreciated.


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