Marketing Professionals w/ online portfolio…. Where should I begin? Help! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Attn: Marketing Professionals with online portfolios…. Where do I begin?!

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

Overview: I just recently decided to change my career path from business development/sales/realtor to find a full time digital marketing and copywriting role.

I’ve been applying to tons of jobs and they keep asking for a “portfolio”. Unfortunately, I do not have one, nor do I know what to put on it. I’m stuck and could really use some ideas of what things could translate from being in bis. dev. to marketing?

I do own adobe suite and WordPress. Still learning how to use them watching YouTube videos.

Question for you professionals:
1. What websites, or your personal favorite, do you recommend I use to get started thats user friendly?

2. What are some possible things I could put into my portfolio? I have thrown away any and all old job paperwork thinking I was never going to need it again (smh). / also I am not on good terms with any of those employers so calling them isn’t an option.

3. What does your portfolio look like?

Thank you all so much!!

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