Maximizing Your Facebook Ad Reach: The Secret to Curated Content

In the world of Facebook ads, where attention is earned… Both in Organic and Paid efforts, Ultimately the content creates its own audience. Ads are not randomly shown to users within some targeting parameter. Every piece of content learns who likes that content and who doesn’t. Based on this information, every social media platform then shows that content to individuals who are more likely to respond positively to it.

Running ads is no different than earning organic reach. We as users are more likely to see contents that we like based on previous content that we’ve engaged with. This doesn’t just mean that we as users have a curated feed of content that is built for us. It also means That we as marketers need to understand our ads are creating curated audiences for themselves.

Facebook’s business model is built on the retention of attention for profit. As partners in business with Facebook, you need to appreciate that if we are complementary in this effort then our business results are far easier to achieve.

Every ad knows who clicked on it, and who engaged with it, and Facebook is aware of whether or not that person has a positive experience because of that interaction. Ads do the targeting, because they take this information within the available audience parameters, and define the best impressions for our shared business objectives.

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