Monetization of my songs within viral instagram reels

I have two instagram reels that I posted that have gone viral with my song(s) playing in the background of the clips. Viral, as in millions of plays and thousands of ‘Reel Remixes’. My concern is that it doesn’t say the song title(s) in the audio section of the reel(s), it currently just says “Original Audio”.

I’m fairly new to instagram reels and am confused on how this works: (1) Do I need to change the title of the audio in order for the reels to be monetized by my distributor/publisher—or does my song’s audio get recognized automatically when the reel is uploaded? (1) Is it my Distributor (DK) or is it my Publisher that is collecting money from ig/fb reels?

If you need me to link the original reels for reference I can but I didn’t want to risk this getting taken down!

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