my client said they cant raise my raise after 6 months and only do it after one year

so i had the bad luck of signing with this client when i first started doing freelance and didnt have the time to check market rate yet because they wanted me to start asap. and i agreed on low rate than the market and i was even doing mentoring and trainning when it not in my job description.

later i discovered that they get 51 percent and i get 49 percent , i work for one of their clients and they make much more money than me who is doing the whole job.

my 6 months contract comes to an end and i tell them this is my new rate and even with this rate imbarely in the market , they said they dont change the rate after 6 months and it a lot what im asking them for. my manager told me before that he will ask his client to raise the rate so that the client pay for the difference and not them. i was told the client extended the contrat till march 2023.

and i would get an answer to my new rate during the HR meeting, the HR person danced around the topic and avoided it and when i asked her about it she started giving me some BS excuses and it took all of my energy to not curse her , she asked what im willing to do to stay with their , i told her i did much more for them than they did for me, i agreed to train their clients new hires while they get the money for it and i dont, i didnt even get access to their learning platform while everyone else does (even other contractors) and i was said im a contractor but then later came and wanted my certifications for free so they can boost their portfolio and get more clients (which i refused unless im paid for , because i paid for my own certs) and they dont have to do anything and they making money out of me, she said it better i stay with them and make less money and have “job security” for 2/3 years than be paid well for 6 months … i told her listen , i get projects every single day , and it really not an issue for me to find a project specially my industry now is blowing, and there are very few people with my knowledge , it more difficult to find talents than to find projects . she didnt even try to ask me to lower my rate, she just wanted me to accept it.

it got me soo irritated that im thinking i ll just get out and lets them deal with the client now they dont have a person for him and they signed the contract .


what do u think ? have you ever heard of this rule of 6 months ?

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