My friend is my client. Do I drop him?

So, this is kind of a complicated situation for me as this is my first year of freelancing.

I’m 20 and this friend of mine who’s my age is setting up a team with me and some other friends. My role in this would be video editor and co-founder.

Thing is I also have another client which is far more stable and provides me of work every single day (I don’t have to work 7 days of the week but I could if I wanted to). I’m an After Effects animator in this case.

The story: There’s this pretty big local event each year and they asked us to make videos, social media posts, photos, aftermovies and trailers. The problem is that the budget is insanely low and I’m already touching the limit by asking for $25/h. This is not all my friend’s fault but it is the event marketing manager being greedy af.

With my other client instead, I could increase my rate without saying a word and he would pay with no problems and no questions asked, ever. Very few delays also.

Why am I skeptical about all this? This is a pretty new event but is evidently becoming massive. A bit is also thanks to us since our videos are the most watched on Instagram. Managers and organizers are already throwing out ideas to make this a possible stable contract in the future. The event has already several sponsors one of which being RedBull.


\- High exposure to local market

\- Possible long-term contract

\- Get to work with a team of friends


\- Greedy (have millions but can barely pay 2k for an Aftermovie to a team of 9 people)

\- Horrible local market (my other client is not local, so better prices)

\- Vague and short deadlines (didn’t know what my deadline was until I was given the files)

Do I stick to this for some more until I see if this can be long-term or do I drop my friend and stick with my other client?

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