My two-fold confusion with the SMMA model…Please help me get them clarified

So lately I’m getting recommended a lot of SMMA videos on YT and I’m really confused about two things:

1) All of these videos focus on acquiring clients, cold calling/ outreach strategies, closing the first deal etc but not a single video I’ve come across is about what happens AFTER.

Like how do they deliver on their promise to get customers? I’ve been on marketing-related subreddits and startup/business-related subreddits to know that ad campaigns on any social media platform are not something you can just wake up one day, simply click launch and get converting customers. I’ve read enough to know that there is a lot of trial and error, collecting and analysing data and tweaking the ad sets going on and a lot of times ad campaigns don’t deliver the expected returns. So how are they delivering on the promised no of customers at the end of the free trial period? In fact, how do they even have the confidence to promise to deliver a certain no of customers to the business when ads can be so arbitrary, especially for someone new to it?

Then there’s the question of how they get the media that goes in the ad in the first place. Do they design and copywrite all the ads? How do they get footage of the business they are running the ads for? Do they ask the owner to send some footage and edit it? Do they just use stock images and videos?

2) This brings me to my second confusion.

How are there 15-20-year-olds who close deals and get paying clients and run agencies starting from zero? I understand being able to close the deals and getting clients on a trial period, but the real deal is delivering value in the 2-4 weeks enough to convince a business owner that you are worth being paid $2000 a month. How do they have all the skills for that? Do they already have experience in planning and running successful ad campaigns? Do they already know copywriting and designing posts? there’s no way they start from zero and learn all that in 1 month right? Or can they? Am \*I\* too dumb to not be able to do that?

Or are they just outsourcing everything? In that case, nothing much would be left of that $1500 month… and where do they have the money to outsource during that free trial month?

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