Need a new web hosting solution for small-medium sized business

Hello all,

The company I work at is looking to migrate to a new web hosting solution after being disappointed with Rackspace customer service and having some other issues as well.

What solution would be best for for a couple hundred websites?Things that are important for the hosting solution to have:- Excellent service (one that can actually fix things when we need something, not going in circles and not fixing anything)- Reliable- Will be good for long term hosting (doesn’t go out of date within a couple years forcing us to migrate everything again, which is currently the case)- Needs to support PHP 5.6 for older websites

Potential options I’ve come across:- DigitalOcean/Vultr + Plesk installed (concerns with support here though)- iWebFusion (Is it just me, or do their dedicated servers seem really cheap?)- Nixihost (Only downside I’ve seen here is they seem to only support cPanel (and also with only 100 free accounts), would be nice if we could use Plesk instead)-Crocweb (Not a lot of options, require a domain transfer?, sort of hide their actual pricing, but pricing seems pretty decent)

Thoughts and suggestions?



We went with iWebFusion and so far they’ve been amazing and fixed some issues we’ve had that we couldn’t figure out before on our previous server. Highly recommended.

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