Need recs for a US-based hosting platform that offers easy site building?

Please be kind. I have inherited a mess of a department at a small medical business. We have a (not so great) website that does not fully function, currently hosted through Bluehost and built with WordPress. I don’t know who built it but it was done years ago and never really maintained.

It is costing a whopping *$500 a month* for “Full Service WP” and “Full Service 5 Keyword Standard”. Yet, Elementor Pro keeps crashing our website, there’s no way to speak with WordPress, and Bluehost support is terrible. They don’t know what is causing the issue, keep transferring me, and can’t even explain what these expensive products we are paying for are. They basically told me “call Elementor, good luck”.

I am so tired. I do not have experience with anything related to web hosting or website building (I literally studied *theatre*). I was thrown into this. This is a family business and I am trying to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can before I (we) drown.

Basically, I am wondering what might be a better hosting service that I can transfer our domain to. I am still learning a lot, but I now know that web hosting =/= site building; we are currently using WordPress (which I have learned people have mixed feelings on) so having a one-click app would be helpful. Please help. Thank you.

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