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So, as the above had stated I am working with []( have been on again off again trying to start a online business using shopify and other sites. I want to be more customizable so now looking at wordpress. I sell domain names now wanting to build a site for myself to sell direct to consumer. My question which I was told to direct here from [r/Wordpress]( is what would be the best hosting provider for a domain selling website?

Money isn’t a issue as long as its reasonable I was looking for something that’s scalable, secured and good customer service? I know of bluehost and other big names but do not want to shoot myself in the foot and start this venture off wrong and going the route of just going to big names because everybody else does.

A little about my budget and self listed below

* **What is your monthly budget? – $100**
* **Where are you/your users located? – I am located within the US, Users Europe / US**
* **What kind of site are you hosting – WordPress**
* **Do you have a monthly traffic volume? Estimates are ok. – It’s a site not made so 0 traffic**
* **If you’re looking at VPSes: Do you have experience administrating linux servers and infrastructure? – No experience but work remote and have a lot of free time to learn**

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