Newbie Question: discuss proposal specifics during the meeting or follow up after the meeting? Advice needed

Hi all, I am completely new to the freelance world and am still learning so please bare with me. Essentially, I have a call scheduled later today with a potential client (potentially my first freelance gig.) They have expressed the need for what seems to be a one time job making a few social media videos for their brand new company.

They asked that I be prepared to discuss how much time I could devote, rates, and turnaround time. However, I know really don’t know much about the specifics of what they need (how many videos, scripted/unscripted, how soon they’d need them, etc)

So, my question is can I use this initial meeting as a “discovery” call and get all the answers about specifics first and then follow up sometime after the call with an email that answers their questions about my rate/availability? Or should I be prepared to give them a rate and my availability/turnaround time in the meeting after they share more about what they need?

I don’t know what’s “normal” to do and my concern is that I would sell myself short if I had to give that answer upfront. My line of thinking is since I’m new and don’t have a baseline of past projects to refer to in terms of what level of commitment the project needs from me I would need time after the call to do a bit of research and create an appropriate response. Also, how would you guys phrase that I would be sending that info after the call if so? Especially if the client expresses that they were hoping to get that information during the meeting itself.

Sorry this is long it’s just all new and even though this is a small job I’m already so overwhelmed and my imposter syndrome is kicking in so any advice to this topic would be super helpful!

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