Nixihost, Knownhost, or Krystal?

Hello folks,

First of all, thanks for your suggestions, it helped me a lot in the process of finding the right hosting providers.

Since I am not super techy when it comes to server performance, could you give me an idea of which provider’s (shared hosting plan) would be the best call:

**1.) Nixihost**

* CPU: 4 Cores Xeon Gold
* Memory: 2 GB
* Storage SSD 75 GB
* Websites: Unlimited
* Server: Dallas, TX
* Price: 18$ per month

**2.) Knownhost**

* CPU: 4 Cores
* Memory: 4 GB
* Storage: NVMe SSD 150 GB
* Websites: 5
* Servers: Amsterdam & US
* Price: 19.98$ per month

**3.)  Krystal**

* CPU: 2 Cores
* Memory: 2 GB
* Storage: Unlimited SSD
* Websites: Unlimited
* Servers: London, New York, Phoenix, and Amsterdam
* Price: 14,99$ per month

And for reference, I am currently using (cloud hosting):


* CPU: 4 cores
* Memory: 4GB
* Storage: Unlimited
* Websites: Unlimited
* Servers: USA
* Price: 15,99$ per month

From my limited understanding, my current hosting plan with BlueHost has similar tech specs as Knownhost’s. What are your thoughts on this?

Edit: I am looking for a hosting provider which would be faster than the current one I use.

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