Organic Social Is Crucial For Growth

Organic social is one of the easiest ways to conduct the most insightful customer & market research. Understanding consumer psychology, the motivation & pain points & inspiration for why you are target market makes decisions is absolutely fundamental to the successful & sustainable growth of any business.

Often brands will do this with post-purchase surveys, or emails, or incentivized calls with customers. While all of these are really good resources to understand how people who have already bought from you feel about that purchase, that is also focusing on only your most leaned-in customers to give you feedback that you have to either conduct work to decipher or pay for. It’s also rarely as informative or real-time or actionable for the acquisition of new customers, because you’re asking people who have already converted what they thought about it.

Organic social is a great place to understand what happens before that. You can get real-time customer feedback. You can get real-time market feedback. You can understand how people communicate with each other based on your products, offers, & marketing.

When you give folks the anonymity of a keyboard, & you are able to get honest feedback, in a way that is incredibly actionable. You just have to start looking at the comments & understand that this is what real people think in the real world, in real-time, about your real business.

Another huge advantage of organic social is looking at what your competitors are doing that is getting their attention. How are other people out-earning you when it comes to the meritocracy of Engagement?

Instead of just looking at brand’s ads library, which can be helpful, why not look at what they’re doing when they’re not paying attention & see what is earning the greatest mind share when money isn’t a thumb on the scale. This can be an incredibly valuable resource to understand what type of content you should be using, both organically & in paid ads.

It can also be a place where you can understand what type of content your customer base wants to see, why not use your best organic posts as the Creative for the ads that you’re running, the market is already told you they love it.

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