Ping too high in games, how can i fix it?

well a time ago my internet connection was 150mb download and 15mb upload and my ping was like 70-100, one of my friends who lives close to me has 220mb download and 22mb upload and his ping was like 40-60 so i decided to upgrade my internet connection to 330mb download and 33mb upload because i think that will fix my high ping but i didnt work either with the time my ping is getting worse now i play at 100 ping always, so i started to investigate about how ping works and i find that my “download latency can be too high” so i check that and yeah my download latency is so freaking high its 100+ and my friends download latency is 40, is like our pings right? but i dont know if thats real problem or something else can be what is ruinning my ping, last detail is that my internet provider is CLARO and my friends provider is TIGO.

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