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**Violating [the rules of this subreddit]( will cause your post/comment will be removed and you will be banned permanently. This is your only warning!** If you are unsure about whether a potential post or comment is suitable, [contact the moderators]( for guidance **before** posting it.

If you’re asking a question, there’s a good chance that it has already been answered! **[Read the wiki](/r/freelance/wiki/) and do a [search]( before submitting your post.**

Just because your question involves freelancing does not mean that it is the best subreddit for it. Depending on your question, one of these other subreddits might be more appropriate:

* /r/bigseo
* /r/careerguidance
* /r/copywriting
* /r/DigitalNomad
* /r/forhire
* /r/freelanceUK
* /r/freelanceWriters
* /r/graphic_design
* /r/jobs
* /r/photography
* /r/tax
* /r/TranslationStudies
* /r/UpWork
* /r/videography
* /r/webdev

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